Load Administration
To provide personalized mortgage banking, TERRIX FINANCIAL allocates resources and energy where we can do the most for our clients. As a licensed SYNERGY software user, TERRIX monitors each loan from submission to payoff utilizing state-of-the-art technology. By doing business with financial institutions that support and encourage independent businesses, TERRIX is able to offer such facilities as electronic banking and automatic clearing house (ACH) while still being able to meet the unique requests of investors and borrowers.

At the same time, the stability in staffing and familiarity with the region allows TERRIX to be the eyes and ears of the clients, responding immediately to requests for on-sight inspections or personal meetings. Clients who have worked with us over the years have exceptional confidence in our dependability and reliability; we communicate well internally while working seamlessly with the client's support departments. TERRIX has, and will continue to have, the experience and professionalism necessary to help and serve its clients individually.

The following loan administration forms can be downloaded here in PDF format (using Adobe Reader):

ACH Automatic Payment Insurance Requirements
Rent Roll Form Operating Statement Form
Additional loan administration information can be requested or obtained by e-mailing: servicing@terrix.net